I got tired of always looking at content and never uploading any, so I decided I would like to start uploading screenshots of my level design work.

Some of it I’m pleased with, some I’m not. I’m no Robert Briscoe, but I hope people will still appreciate the shit I churn out.

I work almost exclusively on the Source engine in Hammer, but I did briefly work with UDK on a Killing Floor map when Tripwire Interactive was holding that first Grindhouse contest.

This first upload you’re being subject to is just the latest thing I’ve been working on, which is a contribution to a Garrysmod Half-Life 2 roleplay map.

Specifically, it’s a duplex on the edge of a bridge passing over the railroad tracks.(AKA prime real estate opportunity.)

To the right, a repurposed corner store. It originally had a basement storage area, presumably for picking up freight off the train, but now repurposed for civilian and combine use; offloading medical supplies, distributing rations, obtaining paraphernalia, and weaponry.

To the left is just a scummy apartment with solid marker graffiti.

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